Oakville Dad: Jeff Knoll and Jason Speers

If you’re in Oakville, you must go see a classic theater at on Speers road near Kerr St.

Film.Ca Cinemas, formerly Encore Cinemas, opened our Oakville location on December 30, 2005. At the time, we also operated the Upper Canada Place Cinemas in Burlington and the Central Parkway Cinemas in Mississauga.

Due to the need (and extraordinary cost) to convert to digital and challenges getting first run films, we closed Burlington and Mississauga and focused on the Oakville theatre.

We changed our name to Film.Ca Cinemas in 2014 as part of a new marketing plan and to lose the name Encore, which was more associated with older films and not first run.

Jeff Knoll founded Encore Cinemas following a visit to a competitor’s theatre in 1997 to see the Disney Movie Flubber. He had decided to take his family and two of his children’s friends to the movies and was shocked when the experience cost more than $120!

Hammer Beard Co

Hammer Beard Co

Oakville Dad: Jon Harmer

If you have a furry face, get some oil for it….your face will thank you.

So Why Beard Oil?

Unless you’re going for that homeless person vibe, you want to take care of yourself.  This means taking care of your beard, too. Beard oil moisturizes facial hair and the skin – this means it keeps it from itching and protects your hair and skin. Beard oil also keeps facial hair flake-free and smelling fresh. No one wants beard dandruff (yes, that’s a thing) and we all want to smell nice, but still smell like a man.

JG Woodturning and Design

JG Woodturning and Design

Oakville Dad: John Gillmoure

John Gillmoure is an incredibly talented artist creating beautiful pieces for decoration or functional use/

John Gillmoure is a entrepreneur, photographer, designer, wood worker and wood turner who simply enjoys creating stuff. For decades he has been using the medium of wood as his main construction material. He recently began turning wood on a lathe as a new form of creating something unique and special. Since then, he has managed to produce some extraordinary and stunning wooden bowls from salvaged tree logs which were most likely going to be used as firewood.

Many have described his wood turning pieces as remarkable in both design and presentation. His unique sense of balance and proportion makes it attractive for others to want to include his work as either decorative or functional pieces in their home.

Leaps and Bounds Physio

Leaps and Bounds Physio

Oakville Dad: Pat Stanzanio

Physiotherapy and Registered Massage therapy

Pat Stanziano has an extensive background across many physiotherapy disciplines. Since deciding to focus his practice on outpatient orthopedics, Pat has become certified in the McKenzie Method (MDT), a system that allows him to provide advanced diagnoses and therapeutic care for sufferers of mechanical low back and neck pain. In addition, Pat is one of only a few physiotherapists in Oakville that is (actually) a sport physiotherapist, an extensive process that Pat is very proud of due to the countless hours doing what he loves: being around athletes of all ages and skill levels in a competitive environment.