Skill Samurai

Skill Samurai

Oakville Dad: Miheer Shah

Skill Samurai engages students in supplemental Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education, giving them real academic advantage and the skills and motivation, they need to succeed in life.

Parents love us because Skill Samurai provides real academic advantage to their children. Kids love us because Skill Samurai lets them interact with technology in a hands-on environment that feels just like playing with friends. Learning has never been this much fun!

Year-round programs, summer camps, and learning labs, prepare students for college, internships, and careers in: Programming, Game Development, Design, 3D Printing and Robotics.

Skill Samurai bridge the gap between young people’s ambitions for college and careers and the specific skills needed by employers.

Phone Number: (289) 837-2283


Business Web Site:

Business Address: 511 Maple Grove Drive, Unit 28, Oakville, ON L6J6X8


Mental Health

Overview: Try to keep things in perspective. We all have families, jobs, bills and people that depend on us. Sometimes its overwhelming. Some quick tricks are to put things down on a list (so you eliminate the worry of forgetting about them), and try to slow down in this hectic world we live in. 🙂


Overview: Try to manage stress knowing that there will always be some stress – as in limited doses, it does help us. Try to eat healthy, exercise, practice deep breathing (yoga and meditation) and find time for yourself. Remember that you are not alone, and finding connection through community is critical to managing and maintaining healthy levels of stress.

Kids Resources

Overview: Kids are amazing. The best parents in the world are at time at their wits end. Try to remember that the kids are growing and evolving every day. They will not be this age forever, so try to find that silver lining. We are all in this boat together. Reach out if you need help.

Gold Fish Swim School

Gold Fish Swim School

Oakville Dad: Derek O’Rourke

Are you looking for a way to make swim lessons fun for your child? Our premier, play-based swim school in Oakville provides children with the swimming experience of a lifetime while teaching valuable life lessons along the way. Whether your child is a preteen or a 4-month-old infant, he or she can benefit from our fun, safe, stimulating environment.

Oakville dad business name – Goldfish Swim School
Phone number – 289-815-3806
Email –
Business web site-

Business address: 1130 Eight Line Rd, #17, Oakville, L6H R4

Hopedale Bowl

Hopedale Bowl

Oakville Dad: Ron Watson

About to start another league season Ron and Linda Watson continue to strive to provide a fun, family atmosphere, as well as promoting the Sport of Canadian 5 Pin Bowling.

We offer Bumpers for Young Children, Coaching Tips, as well as the Children’s Learn to Bowl Program and League Bowling for all ages – Novice or Pro. Bowling is a great way to meet new friends, keep active, enjoy a night out and improve in your game.

Weekends prove to be a hit with our Glow in the Dark Bowling. Our online DJ ensures that current and classic music is available for all ages. Celebrating a Birthday?? Young or Old – Glow/ Cosmic Bowling provide a great atmosphere.

Come by for a visit – Proudly serving the Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Mississauga communities for over 50 years out of the same location in South Oakville Centre (formerly Hopedale Mall)

Oakville Dad: Jeff Knoll and Jason Speers

If you’re in Oakville, you must go see a classic theater at on Speers road near Kerr St.

Film.Ca Cinemas, formerly Encore Cinemas, opened our Oakville location on December 30, 2005. At the time, we also operated the Upper Canada Place Cinemas in Burlington and the Central Parkway Cinemas in Mississauga.

Due to the need (and extraordinary cost) to convert to digital and challenges getting first run films, we closed Burlington and Mississauga and focused on the Oakville theatre.

We changed our name to Film.Ca Cinemas in 2014 as part of a new marketing plan and to lose the name Encore, which was more associated with older films and not first run.

Jeff Knoll founded Encore Cinemas following a visit to a competitor’s theatre in 1997 to see the Disney Movie Flubber. He had decided to take his family and two of his children’s friends to the movies and was shocked when the experience cost more than $120!