The Oakville Dads Group is honoured to have the support of local businesses and community members. To recognize those specific businesses and people we have created this wall of fame page to mention and recognize their efforts. Our donations go to the Oakville Dads Community Fund we have setup in partnership with More information can be found here:

OD Member Monthly Donors

  • Jamie Dennison
  • Per Homer
  • Jamie Kozub
  • Dr. Brian Huggins
  • Ray Javier
  • Brent Stevens
  • Mo Abdul
  • Simon Miller
  • Ishan Byrde
  • Frank Wiginton
  • Sunny Gawri
  • Sanjeev Patel
  • Vivek Chaudhary
  • John Gilmoure
  • Derek Smith
  • Jim Mercer

OD Business Monthly Donors

  • Sheddon Physiotherapy
  • Window Medics Toronto WMT
  • Purple Dumpster
  • Flow Dental Laser Care
  • UPS Store

OD Member Donors (>$100)

  • Wj Waji
  • Gaurav Raizada
  • Andrew Rymes
  • Matt Storey
  • Dritan Plaku

Become a Wall of Fame member

Send an email to or reach out to one of the admins on our facebook group. Cheers


Oakville, Ontario, Canada