Flow Dental Care

Flow Dental Care

Oakville Dad: Peter Cheng

Whole Body Dentistry:


It’s all connected.

Understanding the systemic connection between the mouth, teeth and airway to the rest of the body allows us to offer better, more comprehensive, longer lasting and less invasive treatments

We believe in whole-body wellness, and our mission is to provide you the best oral care available today. Dr. Inoue-Cheng has helped her patients for over 28 years, practicing whole-body and airway-centric dentistry, and never stops learning!



Oakville Dad: Yahya Mahmoud

Oakville dad business name: Be Safe Vend
Phone number: 647-641-9955
Email address: besafevend@whitegloveventures.com
Business website: www.besafevend.ca

Company bio:
Whether you’re looking to protect your office staff or customers, our mask dispensing machine is a vital part of your organization’s “new normal”. We provide the only patented technology in North America that offers completely contact-free mask dispensing machines; providing individually pre-packaged sealed masks with zero contact. Our masks are proudly Canadian 3-ply ASTM certified. We can install the machine at any organization, manage the masks replenishment, and fully maintain the machine on a regular basis. We use remote monitoring technologies to ensure the machine is replenished and constantly operational.

Partnering with Food banks Canada we have a designated fundraising campaign that’s part of the special appeal in response to the pandemic. This is an ongoing donation from our end, it’s not time bound, and will be done every month, for every machine we install at any organization.

Be part of the solution, join the Be Safe Vend revolution. 

Business address 1011 Upper Middle Rd E, C3 Suite 1224, Oakville,L6H 5Z9

Gold Fish Swim School

Gold Fish Swim School

Oakville Dad: Derek O’Rourke

Are you looking for a way to make swim lessons fun for your child? Our premier, play-based swim school in Oakville provides children with the swimming experience of a lifetime while teaching valuable life lessons along the way. Whether your child is a preteen or a 4-month-old infant, he or she can benefit from our fun, safe, stimulating environment.

Oakville dad business name – Goldfish Swim School
Phone number – 289-815-3806
Email – swimoakville@goldfishss.com
Business web site- https://www.goldfishswimschool.com/oakville

Business address: 1130 Eight Line Rd, #17, Oakville, L6H R4