Assante Wealth Management

Assante Wealth Management

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Business owners face unique challenges. I help business owners like you to reduce their tax bill, plan for retirement, and protect their family and loved ones if something were to happen to them.

When you work with us, we start with a 15 minute phone call to learn more about you and see if I can help.

I then help business owners by creating and implementing a financial plan that:
✅ Answers your financial questions and concerns
✅ Offers clear, actionable solutions to reduce your tax bill
✅ Maximizes the opportunities that your corporate structure affords you
✅ Protects your family and loved ones
✅ Gives clear action steps towards creating the financial security and freedom you desire

I can’t help every situation, but if there is a clear benefit to working together we will begin the process of creating and implementing your new plan.

⭐Let’s have a conversation and see if I can help 905-277-7924 /