Mental Health

Overview: Try to keep things in perspective. We all have families, jobs, bills and people that depend on us. Sometimes its overwhelming. Some quick tricks are to put things down on a list (so you eliminate the worry of forgetting about them), and try to slow down in this hectic world we live in. 🙂


Overview: Try to manage stress knowing that there will always be some stress – as in limited doses, it does help us. Try to eat healthy, exercise, practice deep breathing (yoga and meditation) and find time for yourself. Remember that you are not alone, and finding connection through community is critical to managing and maintaining healthy levels of stress.

Kids Resources

Overview: Kids are amazing. The best parents in the world are at time at their wits end. Try to remember that the kids are growing and evolving every day. They will not be this age forever, so try to find that silver lining. We are all in this boat together. Reach out if you need help.