Skill Samurai

Skill Samurai

Oakville Dad: Miheer Shah

Skill Samurai engages students in supplemental Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education, giving them real academic advantage and the skills and motivation, they need to succeed in life.

Parents love us because Skill Samurai provides real academic advantage to their children. Kids love us because Skill Samurai lets them interact with technology in a hands-on environment that feels just like playing with friends. Learning has never been this much fun!

Year-round programs, summer camps, and learning labs, prepare students for college, internships, and careers in: Programming, Game Development, Design, 3D Printing and Robotics.

Skill Samurai bridge the gap between young people’s ambitions for college and careers and the specific skills needed by employers.

Phone Number: (289) 837-2283


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Business Address: 511 Maple Grove Drive, Unit 28, Oakville, ON L6J6X8