Oakville Dads Newsletter -2024 Spring Edition-


We have not 1, but 2 Golf tournaments this year at Glen Abbey Golf Club.

Our Spring Invitational will take place Friday, May 31st at 8:30am. Tickets go on sale for newsletter subscribers on March 29th at 9am.

Our Annual Fall Classic tournament will be on Sunday, Sept.8th at 1:30pm. Tickets go on sale for newsletter subscribers on June 1st at 9am.

Begin your Fitness Journey

by Jeff Morey

There is a simple rule with fitness whatever you do to achieve a result in order to maintain it you must be able to sustain it.  Most people when trying to get back jump for these extreme changes and wonder why after 2-3 weeks they are right back to where they start most times worst as there mindset towards themselves on getting healthy is worse.

Keep its simple make small changes. If you aren’t doing something do anything. If your diet is poor make small changes. Find something you like to do and do it. Don’t fall for social media trends or crazy fad detox plans as  it even the people promoting them actually do them.

  • Set easy targets in your day 
  • Hit 10k steps
  • Drink 3-4L a day 
  • Once you have that, be consistent with it and then add a couple of workouts a week. Get outside with your kids, go for hikes, bike rides, have fun and play!

Jeff Morey is a trainer and owns Conker Fitness

Life on your Terms

by Chris Hayward

My mom noted he lived life on his own terms. It’s been nine years since my brother succumbed to cancer. I share this not to evoke sadness, but to reflect on leading a life full of potential. Since that day, walking 10km to as far as 50km daily became my obsession. Comfort may be tempting, yet daily worries aren’t appealing. Despite this challenging day,  I found positives, driving me to enhance my life and to help others do  the same.
My focus shifted to excelling in health, business, personal life, and relationships – my core four. So, consider yourself,  where you can improve, starting with just one thing?. Envision success and identify the present obstacles holding you back from where you want to be.
If you reach your goal, how would you benefit?  What’s really  possible? Without change, where do you see yourself in five years? Acknowledging your current position is the best step for yourself. 

Christopher Hayward is a performance coach in Oakville

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Nelson Borges

recently started the Capillary Wave Mission group!
“Our goal is to become a full service non-profit resource for the betterment of men’s mental health in all facets of life.”

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