Oakville Dads Hiring

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General Labour

  • Get Paint Inc (Wj Khan)
  • Metal Work + Fabrication (Mike Santos)
  • Construction (Geoff Hewko)
  • Can Mac Siding (Patrick Henry)
  • Collections and Warehouse Assoc. (Alvin Lo)
  • Triple H Landscaping + Snow Removal (Michael Harasymiw)
  • CedarPlanters.ca (Jason and Haley)

Sales + Support

  • Sales and Marketing (Mark Dovidio)
  • LifeatVena (Murtaza Kumail Abbas)
  • Insurance Manager (Ramesh Sarma)
  • Real Estate sales reps (Mark Loeffler)
  • Sales (Alvin Lo)


  • Restaurant and Bar staff (Mark Loeffler)
  • Food Manufacturing plant manager (Jorge Fulcar Madera)
  • Restaurant staff (Gaurav Raizada)

Auto Industry

  • New Millenium Tire Oakville (Myles Artus)
  • Cars and Jobs (Ryan Latkolik)
  • Auto Parts Manager – Chrysler Dealership (Mark Kucherenko)

Office and Administration

  • Real Estate Admin (Varun Nand Chahal)
  • Director of Operations/Chief of Staff (Robert John Larkan)
  • Practice Management consultant (Robert John Larkan)
  • Google Ads Specialist (Robert John Larkan)
  • Digital Marketing Account Manager (Robert John Larkan)
  • Senior Digital Marketing Manager (Robert John Larkan)
  • Implementation Specialist(Trainer) (Robert John Larkan)
  • Manager of Technology & Infrastructure (Robert John Larkan)
  • Senior Full Stack Developer (Robert John Larkan)
  • Software Quality Assurance (Robert John Larkan)

Other (Specialized)

  • Pre-Lock Security Services (Chris Jackson)
  • Bosch (Fouad Khalique)
  • Insurance Manager (Ramesh Sarma)
  • Finance Project Manager (Luis Ponce)
  • Azan Law (George Azan)
  • Rock Star Games (Matt Timewell)
  • DEI Consulting Engineers (Mustafa Morsy)
  • Tutors (Bishoy Awad)
  • Insurance Office – RIBO licensed agent (Desmond Jordan)

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