The site was launched in conjunction with our fathers’ day draw. The dads that donated prizes have been given a profile page on the site as a small thank you. See the below examples to see what they look like.

Now that our membership base is over 1,900, many men are looking to get on our site and part of our business listing and profile pages. With that in mind we have decided to offer a listing service with 3 options:

  • Free option for Oakville Dads’ members
  • Paid option for ODG member ($50 one-time fee)


One of the main issues with facebook, that many of our dads have noted, was the lack of findability or referring back to a post or comment. They can be tough to get back to, especially given our rising numbers, posts and comments. Imagine you’re looking for an electrician, plumber, tradesman or new mechanic…if nobody is able to post a referral or reco in short order, that post will inevitably get swallowed up in the other noise of facebook posts, newsfeeds and timelines. If you’ve tagged it properly, the dad may see that notification, or they may not. Facebook is a massive collection of live data, feeds, streams etc. Hoping that someone can reply to your request in a timely manner is a potentially frustrating scenario. This is where our business listing will help.

An Oakville Dads business listing is a profile page on the site, where other dads could go and find their contact info, email, phone number, link to web site, and some samples images of work. Those can be helpful but another feature I thought valuable was a rating tool, that could show other dads ratings, and comments, on their experience with the business in question. They are not anonymous ratings, which get very sketchy, very quickly – but actually attributed to a person. By controlling the backend, design and dev of the site, we can feature the businesses we want, so as part of the signup process, a business will get front page spotlight for 1 week. They can also dictate the URL (like a vanity web address) and even share the web address with clients outside of our group. Some dads have external sites, and some may not. Either way, this site will give them some visibility to other dads, if they happen to get overlooked or forgotten when posting inside threads and comments etc

Gaming the system

Every group has some bad apples and sadly we are not immune to that. For business dads that just don’t have a good business or service, are dishonest or not treating our dads well, or get poor reviews – then we will remove their profiles from the site. We only want quality businesses from quality gentlemen in our group that put a premium on doing quality work at great prices, for our members.

For dads that seem to only offer ‘terrible’ reviews – we will review this on a case by case basis and suspend or cancel membership accordingly.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask



Oakville, Ontario, Canada